SensualSpa Institute of Beauty Franchise

Your own beauty salon
under a proven business model

Enter the beauty industry – no experience required!

Become our Partner and set up your own SensualSpa salon in any UK location. A ready business plan, complete equipment, recognisable brand, no competition in the area and regular support guaranteed – all of that at low operating costs.


Are you considering setting up a business in the beauty industry?

Running your own beauty salon in the UK has its challenges and hardly anyone is aware of them. Setting up a business here and developing it from scratch requires you to consider several factors, such as:

  • What should be the initial capital investment?
  • How to open a salon in compliance with the complicated industry-specific laws and regulations?
  • How to ensure a reliable accounting base?
  • How to organise a sales plan and create an offer to attract customers?
  • How to adjust the treatment prices so you do not stay in the red?
  • How to select appropriate products and equipment?
  • How to become legally qualified for this profession?
  • How to stand out from your competition when all beauty salon offers are similar?
  • How to attract the first customers?
  • How to build up your salon’s reputation and establish a recognisable brand?
  • How to promote services and conduct marketing operations?

There’s no need for you to have the answers when you choose the SensualSpa salon franchise!

We will take care of everything for you – from salon equipment to offer planning, complete legal advice, and marketing and sales support.


SensualSpa Institute of Beauty

We are a reputable, recognisable brand in the beauty industry with a 14-year-presence on the market.

Initially SensualSpa only operated as a beauty salon in Poland. The salon has always stood out from the competition due to our use of top-quality high-tech equipment, as well as our cooperation with the best dermatologists and aesthetic medicine doctors.

In 2015 we set up the first SensualSpa Institute of Beauty in the UK (more specifically, in Sheffield).

Now, seven years later, it is one of the most recognisable beauty salons – with hundreds of satisfied customers, bookings being made two months in advance, and a monthly turnover of £10 000 / 11 000€ / 40 000 PLN.


What makes us stand out?

Impressive experience

We have enjoyed our presence in the beauty industry since 2008, and on the UK market specifically since 2015.

Earned recognition in the sector

We have been awarded the Prestige Awards – a significant award for developing independent businesses.


We are a highly recognisable brand in the UK. We have hundreds of regular customers and branded beauty equipment.

State-of-the-art equipment

We work with the best beauty and cosmetic manufacturers, and we invest in equipment with medical parameters.

Modern training

We run training sessions compliant with British law requirements.

Signature training programs

We create our own signature training programs, something our competition doesn’t offer.

Our own line of certified products

Our retail and salon products are manufactured by top British, Dutch and French laboratories.

Excellent marketing

Our marketing operations are handled by one of the best marketing agencies in the UK.


Owner of SensualSpa

My name is Sandra Bujnowska.

I am a beauty expert, cosmetologist, and linergist with 14 years of experience.

When I moved to England several years ago and decided to apply my Polish know-how to the British market, it appeared to be a bigger challenge than I had anticipated. I faced entirely new challenges when opening my own salon.

Communicative English wasn’t enough to navigate the overwhelming legal intricacies. Finding machine distributors and beauty product manufacturers I could trust was a lengthy process. High investment costs forced me to take out a loan. Salon equipment, sector insurance law, obtaining qualifications necessary to pursue legal employment in the UK – all of that was just the tip of the iceberg. The most difficult task was reaching the customers to start earning.

I know how difficult opening a beauty salon in the UK is, especially when you are Polish.

The SensualSpa franchise is a significantly easier, faster, and less stressful path to the one I took. It’s the perfect solution for anyone wishing to set up their own beauty business, but lacking a plan, concept, or simply knowledge on how to go about it.


The SensualSpa franchise is a business model created for:


Beauticians and cosmetologists

Those who have gained some experience as well as expertise in the beauty industry and do not want to continue working for someone else. They dream of opening their own salon and making decisions about the treatments performed, but aren’t sure where to start.


People who have their own salon experience

Those who have already owned a beauty salon but had to close down, either due to low revenue or being beaten out by the competition; those who want to take another shot at running a salon but lack a business base.


Anyone looking for a proven business idea

Those who have no experience in the beauty sector but plan to set up their own business based on a proven model. Instead of learning the beauty industry from scratch they prefer focusing on earning money.


How does it work?

Choose a package you like (Gold or Platinum).

Sign a franchise agreement with SensualSpa Institute of Beauty.

Pay the program admission fee.

Open your own SensualSpa salon at a location of your choice.

Settle the monthly licence fees (-50% for the first half of the year!).

Run your salon with our comprehensive support.


We provide support and guidance at all stages of our partnership

As our partner, we guarantee you a ready model for running the business, allowing you to work under a recognised brand with the assistance of trusted experts.

We will provide support and guidance regarding treatments, sales, marketing, law, accounting, and more. Check out what else you will receive:

Before opening your salon

  • Ready salon supply in a location of your choice
  • Assistance with equipment selection and furnishing
  • State-of-the-art equipment and machines
  • A supply of beauty products
  • Help with finding employees
  • Support with becoming qualified in compliance with British law
  • Signature training programs and staff training
  • Accounting and legal assistance when setting up your business
  • Business running know-how
  • Website
  • A complete business plan with a price list
  • Common website and advertising material
  • Beauty products for retail resale to your customers

Once your salon is open

  • Work under the SensualSpa Institute of Beauty brand (brand mark use)
  • Ready sales solutions and assistance with establishing a sales strategy
  • Assistance with offer development (signature programmes unavailable at other salons)
  • Regular access to advertising materials (business cards, leaflets, price lists, posters, etc.)
  • Additional staff training (every 6 months)
  • Product and treatment training (every 3 months)
  • Salon promotion online, and help running social media
  • National PR actions focused on your salon
  • Monthly package of single-use products
  • Equipment servicing and regular product replenishment orders

Additionally, you will receive regular support from the best specialists with expertise in the beauty industry!

Dedicated supervisor

When you open a SensualSpa Institute of Beauty franchise, you will receive comprehensive managerial support from a dedicated supervisor. The expert knows how to run a business efficiently, as well as how to get a fast return on the investment.

Business Coach

We can guarantee 30 minutes of business coach consulting every month. Normally, such a service costs several hundred pounds! The coach will highlight the areas that require further development and will facilitate you running the business.

Marketing specialist

Opening a salon is a great marketing investment – this includes visual identification, printed materials, and a dedicated website. On top of that, you need a marketing plan and usually some advertising. We guarantee access to all of the above.


What are the benefits of working with us?


Low initial and operating cost

Opening your own salon and developing it from scratch involves costs far greater than the initial fee, including dealing with monthly licence fees.


Quick return on the investment

We ensure a clear plan of a return on the investment (within 12 or 18 months, depending on the package) and high earnings within a short period of time.


Reputable brand right off the bat

You start working under a recognised brand popular among customers, which is valued on the market. This means loyal customers from the beginning.


One town – one salon

The franchise reserves the exclusivity of having only one SensualSpa salon per town. We guarantee that there’ll be no competition with the same treatment offer.


Additional revenue from retail sales

We offer potential to generate additional revenue from retail sales of prestigious products for at-home skin care.


Broad autonomy in running your business

You select a location convenient for you, a suitable licence package, and decide which treatments you want to perform at the salon.


Check out how much you can save

Check out how much you normally would need to spend* on:

Purchasing new treatment equipment

from £10 000 / 11 000€ / 40 000 PLN

Training one employee in accordance with British law

£5 000 / 6 000€ / 25 000 PLN

Regular staff training

£3 000 / 3 500€ / 15 000 PLN

Full visual identification and advertising material

£2 000 / 2 300€ / 10 000 PLN

Beauty products to start working in your salon

£1 000 / 1 200€ / 5 000 PLN

Brand building from scratch and stabilisation of your salon operations

3 – 4 years

This is only a small part of the most important costs involved in setting up and running your own beauty salon!

* the provided prices are average prices based on the current situation on the British market.

Here everything is included in the price of the package!

No unexpected expenditure will surprise you.


Select the package you like

Limited time offer: for the initial 6 months the licence fee is only 50%!

Gold Package

Equipment, machines, and products included in the package:

  • Epilator
  • Hydrogen purification
  • Microneedle mesotherapy
  • Mesotherapy cartridges
  • Machine: 7in1 face
  • Machine: 4in1 body
  • Client cards for each treatment
  • Exterior and interior wall logos
  • Sheets, duvets, towels, bands, aprons, and bags with a logo
  • Silver-plated business cards, price lists and leaflets + stand
  • Website
  • Training of one employee
  • Set of professional and retail cosmetics


Program entry: £15 000 / 17 200€ / 80 000 PLN
Monthly licence fee: £1 000 / 1 200€ / 5 000 PLN

Estimated return on investment time: 12 months

Platinum Package

Equipment, machines, and products included in the package:

  • Epilator
  • Diode laser for hair removal
  • Microneedle radiofrequency + 20 cartridges
  • Combine: 7-in-1 face
  • Combine: 4-in-1 body
  • Microneedle mesotherapy
  • Microneedle mesotherapy cartridge
  • Hydrogen purification
  • Treatment cards for each treatment
  • Sheets, duvets, towels, bands, aprons, and bags with a logo
  • Exterior and interior wall-mounted logos
  • Silver-plated business cards, price lists and leaflets + stand
  • Website
  • Training of one employee
  • Set of professional and retail cosmetics
  • Brushes, bowls, spatulas, jade rollers, etc.


Program entry:£40 000 / 46 000€ / 215 000 PLN
Monthly licence fee: £1 500 / 1 700€ / 8 000 PLN

Duration of estimated return on investment: 18 months


Do you wish to open your own SensualSpa salon?

Become our partner and earn as much as you want with our proven business model.
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